Intermediate and Advanced

Piano lessons for intermediate and advanced students will focus on expanding and cultivating piano technique, repertoire, theory and musical refinement.
An important part of learning to play the piano is practicing.  We spend time in the lessons talking about how to practice effectively and efficiently.  The students leave each week with specific goals to accomplish and strategies for how to accomplish them so that practice time is focused and productive.  This leads to less frustration, more rapid advancement and a greater sense of pride in themselves.
Another important aspect of playing the piano is performing for others.  Students are given the opportunity to participate in informal recitals and are encouraged to share their music with family and friends on a regular basis.  For those students who wish to pursue a more rigorous program, I will be happy to help them prepare for competitions and auditions.
I believe that my role as a music teacher is to treat each student as an individual and tailor lessons to his or her specific needs and interests as well as learning style.  I want my students to develop their own personal ideas of musical works and to be able to perform them convincingly and passionately.  To do this, I try to create a positive learning environment where students feel supported and secure and, at the same time, urged to move forward in greater mastery of technique, understanding of music, and personal and professional growth.