Lesson for Adults

It’s never too late to learn to play the piano or return to lessons that you took as a child.  All you need is a piano or keyboard and some free time, plus some patience with yourself.

At Levin Piano Lab, located in Eagan, MN, lessons are tailored to the individual needs, goals and learning styles of adult students.  Although classical music is emphasized, repertoire from Broadway, popular music, jazz and hymns can easily be incorporated into the lessons.

Beginning piano students will start making music during their first lesson.  They will learn the basics by working on music that interests them, at their own pace and in their own way.   


* Good posture and hand position
* Recognizing and learning musical symbols
* Developing sight reading skills
* Musical theory, rhythm and harmony
* Playing “by ear” and elements of composition

Personalized lessons in Reading Music, Music Theory, Harmony and Music History are shaped around the interests and needs of each adult student.   In addition, students will learn music history and how the composition and interpretation of a particular piece are influenced by when it was written.  The theoretical aspects of learning music are integrated with the actual performance of a musical work, making it easier to understand and remember them.

Intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to learn ever more challenging and complex music from a wide range of repertoire.  We will work together to choose the music, and time will be devoted during the lessons to mastering the skills necessary to play these higher level pieces.  We will also focus on analyzing the structure of the musical work, and how this impacts both interpretation and performance.  Students of all levels will learn how to practice in the most effective, efficient way possible and will leave the lessons knowing exactly how to prepare for the next one.

As a music teacher, my goal is to create a supportive, encouraging and caring environment where I can help students understand music, know what to look for in a musical work, learn how to practice efficiently, and advance at their own pace.  I would like students to develop their own personal ideas of a musical work and be able to perform it convincingly and passionately.  I want students to learn how to search for and construct a complete conceptualization and appreciation of music as we work through a piece.  On top of all that, I want students to enjoy music, and remember that music enriches our lives.  To acquire a long-lasting love, respect and understanding of music, as well as to retain music as a lifelong companion are the fundamental goals of Levin Piano Lab.